052: 3 Lessons Teachers Can Learn From a Restaurant

Welcome to Episode 52 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  In this episode I talk about three elements great restaurants have in common that teachers can implement into the classroom to increase their impact even more.

Our classrooms should be like a great restaurant, providing a menu with choices that fit all learning styles, a chef that understands the different needs of each diner and an environment or atmosphere that students can’t wait to be a part of.

So I want to challenge you today to take these three elements that great restaurants share and implement them into your classroom for an even greater impact.

  1. Every great restaurant has an enticing menu, so create for your students the opportunity to give input into their learning and allow their voices to be heard.
  2. Every great restaurant has a fantastic chef, so be the teacher that has a plan, builds a  bond of trust, fosters creativity and is adaptable in order to enhance the learning for all students
  3. Every great restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere, so open your doors every day and give your students a place where they feel exclusive, where they feel safe and where they know they are always welcome.

Listen to today’s episode to be inspired and encouraged! 


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The POWER of a Teacher’s Presence

The power of your presence in the lives of others can leave a remarkable impact.  Depending on how you wield that power will determine the influence you have each day.

It is crucial to understand that in a fast paced world, filled with people who equate value with action, the power of your presence can often be overlooked.   The message you send to others without saying a word can be even more powerful than you imagine. 

051: Two Minute Timeout For Teachers… Be Magical!

A quote from JK Rowling

Welcome to Episode 51 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  This is a Two Minute Timeout for Teachers!  In this episode, I focus on a quote from JK Rowling.  The goal is to encourage and inspire you to be magical by listening to the stories your students have to tell and letting them know they matter.

Today’s episode features a quote from JK Rowling that says, “No story lives unless someone wants to listen.”

Take a few minutes to listen in and be encouraged and inspired today!

050: 3 ‘Growth Milestones’ of the Students We Teach

Welcome to Episode 50 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  In this episode I talk about three growth milestones that our students go through in their learning process and just how important it is for us, as teachers, to recognize them.

In life we all go through growth stages, and with each stage we reach milestones that mark some of our most cherished memories.  For many of us, three big milestones as we go through life are learning to walk, learning to ride a bike and learning to drive.

In today’s episode, I focus on these three stages, how they relate to student growth and the important job that a teacher has in all of them!

What’s In Your Teacher Carry-on?

5 Essentials We All Must Pack Daily

When we travel on a plane we are allowed to bring a carry-on.  Within it we often place the essentials, the things we need most, just in case our luggage gets lost along the way.

As teachers, we must be prepared with a ‘teacher carry-on’ of our own that is filled with the essentials we need each day.  When lessons don’t go well, when technology goes haywire or when things seem so bad we question our calling as a teacher, we will rely on the items in our carry-on to get us through. 

The following five ‘essentials’ are crucial to have with us every day in order to impact students on a much deeper level.  Carry them with you and create an unforgettable experience for every student you teach.

049: Two Minute Timeout For Teachers… Embrace Failure!

Welcome to Episode 49 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  This is a Two Minute Timeout for Teachers!  In this episode, I share a quote from Michael Jordan that will inspire and encourage you to EMBRACE FAILURE!

Today’s episode features a quote from Michael Jordan that says, “I have failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.”

Take a few minutes to listen in and be encouraged and inspired today!

048: First Year Teacher Truths: 3 Lessons Every Teacher Must Remember

Welcome to Episode 48 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  It is essential to never forget or lose the passion and enthusiasm we all had as new teachers.  In this episode, I talk about THREE truths we can learn from a first year teacher and the importance of remembering to live them out each day.

Whether you’ve been in the classroom a few years, you’re a veteran teacher,  or even if you are an administrator,  we can all benefit from these simple reminders from a First Year Teacher.

Take a minute today and reflect on them to help you become even more unforgettable.

Wisdom for Teachers from a Hot Dog Vendor

There is so much wisdom to be found in our world.  Sometimes all we have to do is pay close attention and take it all in.

In my town we have a quaint ‘main street’ that is filled with small independent shops, trendy cafes and unique restaurants.   One person, however, that has made himself a much needed staple in the community is our local hot dog vendor.  He provides a service that many business people in the area just couldn’t live without…. a quick, cheap lunch.  He started a few years ago, and despite the intense competition he faces,  he has continued to flourish year after year. 

As teachers, I think we can glean some wisdom from the success of this hot dog vendor by leaning in and paying close attention to some simple secrets he possesses.

047: Two Minute Timeout For Teachers… Be Good!

Welcome to Episode 47 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  This is a Two Minute Timeout for Teachers!  In this episode, I share a quote from Dr. Minor Myers Jr. that will inspire and encourage you to BE GOOD!

This year I will be implementing a quick bi-weekly Two Minute Timeout for Teachers between our regular episodes for the month.  The goal is to provide you with a dose of inspiration that you can take with you into your day.

Today’s episode features a quote from Dr. Minor Myers Jr. that says, “Go into the world and do well, but more importantly go into the world and do good.”

046: Teaching at the Chef’s Counter: 3 Ingredients Every Teacher Should Use

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  In this episode I talk about 3 powerful elements of this Chef’s Counter that every teacher can implement right away, so they can make their classroom an experience that students will never forget.

There is so much power that can be found when we teach our classes the way a master chef handles their most valuable table.  If we took on the mindset of looking at our student as honored guests, it could make all the difference in the world.