042: A Teacher’s Playlist: Tim McGraw… 3 Forgotten Lessons

Welcome to Episode 42 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast. In this episode, I focus on three lyrical life lessons found within the words of Tim McGraw’s award winning hit… ‘Humble and Kind’ that can truly change the world.

This is a powerful song, filled with timeless lessons that I feel the students we teach and the adults we encounter, can learn from as we navigate a world that is constantly changing. If we simply remember these lessons, and the underlying theme found within each one, we can truly change the world around us for the better.

There are so many ‘Lyrical Life Lessons’ found within Tim McGraw’s hit song “Humble and Kind.”

Listen to this episode to delve into these three lyrical lessons and be encouraged!


Let Yourself Feel Pride

Erase Bitterness From Your Life

Remember Your Roots

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