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Lessons From Willy Wonka

As a tribute to Gene Wilder and his amazing portrayal of Willy Wonka, I wanted to share five lessons we could gather from this iconic character.

Lesson 1: It’s OK to dream, because dreamers change the world.

As teachers we must allow our students to dream big because we never know which ‘little dreamer’ will change the future.

Lesson 2: It’s OK to embrace your imagination.

Imagination is the seed of creativity and it is our job as teachers to help students nourish these seeds to fruition.

Lesson 3: Believe in yourself and reach for the stars.

Teaching students early to have confidence in who they are and showing them that they are important can change their lives forever.

Lesson 4: Enjoy life and don’t be afraid to be silly once in a while.

Show students how much you enjoy life and how a sense of humor is something to cherish.  Do this often and they will follow your lead in the future.

Lesson 5: Take time to enjoy the little moments in life.

Take a moment each day to celebrate the little victories that students have in class; it can make all the difference.

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