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A Lesson in Leadership From Harry Potter

When I think about leadership I think of two simple words, ‘inner circle.’  Those who we surround ourselves with will often determine the path we take as leaders.


Throughout history we have learned lessons from stories that touch our hearts. Rarely, however, do the heroes in our stories succeed without guidance and help from other characters. Many times, the only reason they can fulfill their destiny is because others have helped them along the way.

As leaders, the fictional stories of heroes can resonate with us and cause us to reflect on how we can be better.  The story of Harry Potter is no exception, and in my opinion it demonstrates the perfect example of how our ‘inner circle’ can help form us into the leaders we become.

Harry Potter… The Hero.

In the magical world of Harry Potter, Harry is the hero, the chosen one and the one who saves the day.  He ends up being a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark time, and for many he is the one they will follow to the end.  

When Harry first arrives at Hogwarts, however, he makes a very important decision that changes his future altogether.  He makes the discerning choice to befriend Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger instead of giving into the temptation of power given to him by Draco Malfoy.  This choice is what made all the difference.

[shareable cite=”Chuck Poole”]It’s our choices that determine our path, but it is who we choose to have influence on us that determine our destiny.[/shareable]

Why The ‘Trio” Was The Perfect Inner Circle

The trio of Harry, Hermione and Ron is one that will always stand the test of time.  Three friends with an unbreakable bond that would later intertwine and change the world. In a way they formed a perfect triangle, the perfect ‘inner circle.’

Harry, the obvious big hero, is brave and thinks outside the box.  He makes decisions that are for the greater good, and puts his own interests aside in order to help others.  Hermione, the ‘mind’ in the trio, is logical, prepared and discerning.  She plans ahead and makes sure that the three friends are always on the right path.  Finally, Ron, the glue that holds it all together, is selfless, kind and loyal.  He is an astute observer and relieves tension in stressful situations. Regardless of his own fears, he does what it takes to help his friends. They all bring different strengths to the trio, but two very important commonalities bind them.  They are good people, looking to do the best they can to create a positive world, and they are all leaders.

Building an inner circle like this takes time and effort, but in the end it will be worth it’s weight in gold.  Although our inner circle may be larger than just three people, I firmly believe we all need our own Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley in order to lead well and accomplish things we never thought possible. It is so important to have leaders in our inner circle that we can rely on and learn from.

In my opinion,  the real heroes in the Harry Potter novels are Ron and Hermione.  They are the ones who give Harry the support, confidence, and guidance needed to carry out his destiny.   It was because of them that he was able to overcome impossible obstacles and remain “The Boy Who Lived.” 

Why Every Leader Needs Their Own Hermione Granger

[shareable cite=”Hermione Granger”]Actually I’m highly logical which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.[/shareable]

Hermione Granger is a leader.  She is a logical thinker who looks at the big picture and is prepared for every possible situation that comes her way. She is thick skinned and despite being made fun of for her intelligence, she brushes it off and remains brilliant. She anticipates well and takes care of situations before they arise.  Some would argue that without Hermione’s leadership, Harry would not have been the “boy who lived.”

It is so important to have someone in our inner circle who is logical and able to see beyond what others overlook.  We all need someone we can go to for advice when tough situations arise to help us anticipate hardships that may come our way.  We need to have someone who can keep us on track, inspire us with ideas that others do not see, and lend us a little brilliance once in a while when we need it most.  We all need a Hermione Granger in our circle of trust.

Why Every Leader Needs Their Own Ron Weasley

[shareable cite=”Ron Weasley”]We’ll be there, Harry… we’ll go with you wherever you’re going.[/shareable]

Ron Weasley is a leader, and he the epitome of friendship and loyalty. He is Harry’s unofficial guide to the complexities of the Wizarding World, and he is the glue that holds the trio together. When Hermione is letting her intelligence get the better of her, Ron is her rock.  When Harry is in trouble, Ron is the strategist, the sacrifice, and the friend that he needs. Some would argue that without Ron’s leadership, Harry’s inner circle would fall apart.

As leaders we all need someone in our inner circle who can hold things together when things go awry.  We all need someone we can go to that has our best interests at heart, and is a true friend we can lean on in tough times. True friendship is difficult to find and without it in our inner circle we can lose sight of who we are.  By surrounding ourselves with those who challenge our thinking, we can grow.  We all need a Ron Weasley to lean on and learn from.

The Key Takeaway

Although Harry is the chosen one in the story, his “inner circle” was not made up of just one leader and two sidekicks. Rather it was made up of three leaders with different strengths. By surrounding himself with those he considered equals, he was able to create an atmosphere of trust and growth.

We must form our inner circle with people we know will help us grow. We must be able to find the commonality in our inner circle that binds us together and helps us to bring positivity to the world.  By surrounding ourselves with mentors, innovators and people we trust, we can become a leader who is continually growing, learning and leading well.

QUESTION: What are some qualities you look for in people you include inside your inner circle?  Why are they so important?  Leave a comment by CLICKING HERE.

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