043: A Teacher’s Playlist: Beyonce… Leave Your Mark!

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  In this episode, I will be focusing on a compelling song from Beyonce, entitled ‘I Was Here,” and unpack the crucial lyrical lessons found inside to empower you, encourage you, and remind you of just how impactful you are by being HERE everyday.

This is our 3rd installment of our ‘Teacher’s Summer Playlist’ series.  By the end of this episode, my hope is that you are filled with inspiration, motivation, and power.  So as you listen to these three ways teachers leave their mark, listen carefully to the lyrics Beyonce shares, let them sink in to encourage you, and relate them to your not only your teaching but also your life.

There are so many ‘Lyrical Life Lessons’ found within Beyonce’s hit song “I Was Here.”

Listen to this episode to delve into these three ways YOU can leave your mark today!


Leave Your Mark by Teaching with No Regrets

Leave Your Mark by Teaching with Love

Leave Your Mark by Teaching with Excellence

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