The Final Countdown: A Different ‘End of the Year’ Mentality

People find solace in countdowns.  They are a clear marker to when something is coming to an end, and they offer hope and closure to so many around the world.

Teachers often find themselves counting down throughout the year.  Whether it is the amount of days that remain until summer break or simply the number of papers they have left to grade, teachers seem to love countdowns. The challenge is being able view them as an opportunity to grow rather than just a means to an end.

Teaching is a Love Story

Great love stories have enticed people for generations.  They have provided laughter and excitement, as well as heartbreak and tears.

It is due to this range of emotions that we become addicted to these stories. Whether we are reading a novel or watching a movie, if it is a love story, we are on the edge of our seats.  As teachers, your dedication, perseverance, and drive is something that only love can bring out.

Which City Best Describes Your Teaching?

4 Travel Sites That Display Unique Teaching Styles

Millions of people all over the world travel to cities every year simply to experience the unique wonders they provide.

These cities can offer great insight into our teaching styles if we take a closer look at their characteristics. I’m going to share FOUR unique travel sites that so many visit each year, so that you can take some time today and reflect on which one describes YOUR teaching best.

How Detours Help Teachers Grow

Detours can be frustrating, especially if we are in a hurry to get to our destination.

When we come across these detours, however, we all have a ‘mindset moment’ that can change everything. We can either allow the anger and frustration to overwhelm us, or we can look at the detour as an adventure instead of a roadblock. Sometimes by getting off of the highway and taking the scenic route, we see the beauty in the journey that we never would have otherwise noticed.

If School Hallways Could Talk…

Three things they would tell teachers!

Imagine if teachers had the ability to hear everything that students said during a school day.  If the hallways could talk, oh the things they would say!

Over the years,  I’ve overheard things in the hallways that would make most people blush, while at the same time, there have been stories that would break your heart. There are so many insights we could take away from the hidden truths found within the halls of our schools. If we listen close enough, I think what we hear can transform our thinking and help us have an even greater impact in the long run.

Four Lessons From Literature to Inspire Teachers

There are so many lessons to be learned through literature.  Little hidden gems of wisdom can be found in so many of the stories we love and cherish.

Sometimes when we read, however, these little nuggets of knowledge can pass us by without warning.  If we take the time to slow down and take in the message found inside the pages, we can really learn a lot from the stories we read over time.

3 Things Great Teachers Learn Over Time

Teaching is an adventure. But you have to pay attention along the way if you want to truly understand the power in the journey.

As teachers, you strive to make an impact in the lives of those you teach every day. Sometimes, however,  it is important to step back and look at the path you are on in order to understand where you are headed. By learning the lessons along the way, and knowing what will be coming down the road, you will be able to become the teacher you were destined to be.

There is power in the journey and there is so much to learn.

Destroy the Evidence and Define Your Leadership

Ever wonder why some leaders appear to have it all together while others just seem lost? I think it comes down to being self-aware, and destroying the ‘evidence’ that we so often look to as truth.

Sometimes, as a leader, you can feel like you are running a marathon uphill.  You doubt your vision, question your goals and wonder if you have what it takes to lead.  There are times when no matter how hard you try to move forward, you just feel as though you are standing still.  It is during these times when you must be willing to face your greatest adversary… you.

If you want to lead others well you must first destroy the ‘evidence’ that is holding you back from being who you were meant to be.

3 Things Great Teachers Do Differently

Every building has them.  The superstar teachers that students love and respect.  The ones that think outside the box on a daily basis and make learning fun for everyone.


Great teachers, however, don’t just walk through the door and make magic happen. They are the ones who are willing to do the little things necessary to make sure the big things occur. They are the ones who look for results rather than recognition, and they are the ones who do what it takes to make students feel loved.

Great teachers come in all different shapes and sizes. They have different teaching styles and personalities,  but they all tend to have some common practices that make them stand out.

A Lesson in Leadership From Harry Potter

Your Inner Circle Is Key!

When I think about leadership I think of two simple words, ‘inner circle.’  Those who we surround ourselves with will often determine the path we take as leaders.


Throughout history we have learned lessons from stories that touch our hearts. Rarely, however, do the heroes in our stories succeed without guidance and help from other characters. Many times, the only reason they can fulfill their destiny is because others have helped them along the way.

As leaders, the fictional stories of heroes can resonate with us and cause us to reflect on how we can be better.  The story of Harry Potter is no exception, and in my opinion it demonstrates the perfect example of how our ‘inner circle’ can help form us into the leaders we become.