Wonder Woman: 4 Lessons to Empower the Girls We Teach

Summer Superhero Series: Volume One

Wonder Woman is not simply a ‘female’ superhero, but rather she is a superhero who happens to be a female. There is a big difference.

When young girls in classrooms around the world understand this difference, they become empowered. They truly believe that they have the strength and fortitude to change the world. They become fierce.

We must teach our girls to ‘embrace the wonder,’ and internalize the lessons they can learn from Wonder Woman.

I am a Teacher and I am Proud

When it comes to making a difference in this world, teachers are on the top of the list.

 If you’ve ever had the benefit of a making a student smile, seeing the ‘aha’ moment in a child’s eye or being the difference maker in the life of a student, then you know just how powerful teaching can be.  Although it can be a difficult road, there is nothing quite like being a teacher.

3 Things Great Teachers Do Differently

Every building has them.  The superstar teachers that students love and respect.  The ones that think outside the box on a daily basis and make learning fun for everyone.


Great teachers, however, don’t just walk through the door and make magic happen. They are the ones who are willing to do the little things necessary to make sure the big things occur. They are the ones who look for results rather than recognition, and they are the ones who do what it takes to make students feel loved.

Great teachers come in all different shapes and sizes. They have different teaching styles and personalities,  but they all tend to have some common practices that make them stand out.

5 Simple “Life Lessons” Every Student Should Learn

Every year, I teach incredible students.  Some inspire me to be better, while others teach me lessons I never realized I needed to learn.  Some students challenge me, while others truly test my patience.  However, with each student that enters my classroom, I have found that they all have at least one thing in common… POTENTIAL.


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Whether you have been in the classroom for many years, or even just a few, you probably already have been impacted deeply by the students you have come across.  You have most likely seen the outstanding potential that they possess and possibly even attempted to guide them along the way.

The truth is, no matter how well we prepare them in our subject matter, some lessons we teach will last longer and have more impact than others.  The life lessons we instill in our students are the ones that will help them reach their potential and succeed no matter what they do in the future. 

5 MORE Lessons We Can Learn From Our Students

I have been thinking a lot about what our students can teach us lately. In October I shared “Five Lessons We Can Learn From Our Students,” and they seemed to hit home with many people.


In light of this, I wanted to share five MORE lessons we can learn from our students and hopefully you can be reminded or inspired by the awesome “kids” we teach every day!

Relax! 7 ways to decompress after a long school day

As teachers, we spend an enormous amount of time and energy during the school year trying to make sure we do our jobs well. Many of us don’t even sit down or relax until summertime rolls around.  There has to be a better way!


Anytime I speak with my colleagues about things we wish we could change about our daily lives as teachers, one thing is always at the top of the list.  We need less stress!  We spend so much time planning, caring for our students, grading papers, and completing initiatives, that we forget what it means to relax. It is because of this lack of downtime that we feel frustrated at the end of the day and stress takes over.

The question then is… “Is there a solution, a way to relax, but still an answer to our everyday stress?”  I would say the answer is yes!

The Student Whisperer: Students Share 3 Secret “Wishes”

3 Things Students WISH Teachers Knew

Whenever I speak with teachers about their struggles, the answer I hear when I “read between the lines” of our conversation, is that they cannot seem to figure out how to keep the students interested on a daily basis. 


We often think if we stay current with the times, adjust lessons to fit into the modern day, or stay up to date on the latest educational trends, that we will be able to meet the students where they are and they will learn, but is this true?

I decided to ask students directly what would keep them interested in school and I found three “wishes” that kept reoccurring in their answers.

7 Reasons Why Teaching is Amazing

Before I decide to do anything in my life worth pursuing I have to ask myself one important question.  “Why am I going to do this?”   To anyone interested in teaching or who is currently teaching, I challenge you to think of your “WHY.”  You will be glad you did!


Teachers face a lot of problems in any given school year, from students that are difficult to handle to new initiatives that absolutely “must” be done… Yet in the end we all understand collectively that being a teacher and teaching everyday is absolutely amazing!

Today, I wanted to share 7 simple reasons (out of the many) why teaching is amazing!