How to Strive Through the Storms of Leadership

The strength of a storm must be respected.  However, when we take the time to step outside, once it has passed, we will be given the opportunity to smell the fresh new air it has left behind and work together like never before.

Great leaders will face storms, yet it is often through the fury that we find fortitude.  Whether the storms we face totally destroy the foundation of our vision or they try to simply hinder our progress, it is crucial to approach them with a plan.  When a leader is prepared before the storm hits, they will be able to emerge even stronger than before.  The key is in how you handle the storms that come your way.

GROOT: 3 Lessons to Learn as Leaders

Summer Superhero Series: Volume Two

Groot is a superhero who does not need words to define his leadership.  He uses his actions and his example to demonstrate his strength, and others take notice.

GROOT: 3 Lessons to Learn as Leaders

Leadership is tough. It is not something that can be mastered by following a formula or a framework.  It is something that is learned over time, through years of observation and mentorship.  Groot is a perfect example of selfless leadership in action.

Lead like Groot and take these lessons to heart as you tackle the task of leadership.

Wonder Woman: 4 Lessons to Empower the Girls We Teach

Summer Superhero Series: Volume One

Wonder Woman is not simply a ‘female’ superhero, but rather she is a superhero who happens to be a female. There is a big difference.

When young girls in classrooms around the world understand this difference, they become empowered. They truly believe that they have the strength and fortitude to change the world. They become fierce.

We must teach our girls to ‘embrace the wonder,’ and internalize the lessons they can learn from Wonder Woman.

035: The Power of the ‘YET’ Mentality

Welcome to Episode 35 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  In this episode I talk about the ‘YET Mentality,’ and how harnessing the power of this simple word can transform your life.

The ‘YET’ mentality, in simple terms, is harnessing the power of the word ‘YET’ by adding it to the end of negative thoughts that would otherwise end without ambition.  This episode focuses on THREE AREAS in our lives that the word YET can transform… Inside the classroom, in our professional lives, and in our personal lives.  Learn the POWER of the ‘Yet Mentality’ today!

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034: Three Ways to Lead Like a ‘Prize Fighter’

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast. In this episode I will be focusing on 3 “Prize Fighter Qualities” that all Great Leaders must adopt in order to lead well. So let’s step into the ring and learn from what goes through the mind of a champion.

Whether you are a fan of boxing, or you have never even heard of the sport, if you are a leader, you have most likely already walked the path of a Prize Fighter. Their path, as they await their destiny, is very similar to that of a leader preparing to impact those they lead.

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029: Beauty and the Beast: 3 Leadership Lessons From Within the Castle

Welcome to Episode 29 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast. In this episode I talk about Three Lessons in Leadership that we can reflect on from Beauty and the Beast.

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Beauty and the Beast is a timeless tale that is beloved by people around the world. There are so many lessons that can be taken away from this story, and both kids and adults alike seem to be mesmerized by this magical tale.  One thing that I find fascinating, however, is how the story unfolds within the castle of the Beast, and the lessons in leadership that we can take away from the characters and their interactions found inside.

Destroy the Evidence and Define Your Leadership

Ever wonder why some leaders appear to have it all together while others just seem lost? I think it comes down to being self-aware, and destroying the ‘evidence’ that we so often look to as truth.

Sometimes, as a leader, you can feel like you are running a marathon uphill.  You doubt your vision, question your goals and wonder if you have what it takes to lead.  There are times when no matter how hard you try to move forward, you just feel as though you are standing still.  It is during these times when you must be willing to face your greatest adversary… you.

If you want to lead others well you must first destroy the ‘evidence’ that is holding you back from being who you were meant to be.

A Lesson in Leadership From Harry Potter

Your Inner Circle Is Key!

When I think about leadership I think of two simple words, ‘inner circle.’  Those who we surround ourselves with will often determine the path we take as leaders.


Throughout history we have learned lessons from stories that touch our hearts. Rarely, however, do the heroes in our stories succeed without guidance and help from other characters. Many times, the only reason they can fulfill their destiny is because others have helped them along the way.

As leaders, the fictional stories of heroes can resonate with us and cause us to reflect on how we can be better.  The story of Harry Potter is no exception, and in my opinion it demonstrates the perfect example of how our ‘inner circle’ can help form us into the leaders we become.

Don’t Be The Leader Who’s Stuck On First Base

Baseball is a great game. It requires skill, patience, and teamwork in order to succeed, and the beauty is that hard work binds all three together.   


The concept of baseball is quite simple, cross home plate more times than your opponent and you win. The difficulty lies in advancing past the other three bases that stand in the way.  Successful teams, however, are led by brilliant coaches who help to fine tune skills, master strategies and find ways to navigate to victory. 

We can learn a lot, as teachers and leaders, from the game of baseball.

We Can Learn Plenty From Pencil and Paper

There is just something special about writing on paper with a pencil that transcends the test of time.  The beauty that comes from the simplicity of it is amazing.


I have found that a pencil not only represents genius, but it also truly paints a picture of the complexity of leadership. Some of us are leaders, some of us are followers, and some of us are a bit of both. When it comes down to it, regardless of where we stand,  we can learn plenty about who we are from a pencil and a piece of paper.