The Justice League: Teach as One

Superhero Summer Series: Final Chapter

The Justice League is compiled of some of the most powerful superheroes of all time.   Alone, each hero is POWERFUL, yet together they are an UNSTOPPABLE force to be reckoned with.

As a teacher, you bring your own unique skill set into the profession.  The different abilities and skills that you possess could be considered your very own superpowers.  Alone, you are powerful, yet imagine if we attempted to ‘save the world’ together instead of going at it alone.

Just like the most powerful superheroes of our time, when we work together we can change the world.

Hermione: 3 Spells to Cast as a Leader

Summer Superhero Series: Volume Four

Hermione wields the wand of change.  By casting her spell through her adventures, she changes the narrative and gives us the realization of a female hero that girls look up to and boys revere.

As leaders, we can learn a lot through taking a closer look at Hermione.  She demonstrates so many qualities that are found within great leadership, and her actions speak louder than her words.  With each spell she casts, she teaches us how to be the kind of leader others want to follow.

Spider-Man: 4 POWERS Teachers Possess

Summer Superhero Series: Volume Three

Spiderman is an ‘accidental’ superhero.  He has powers bestowed upon him that he never intended to have, and he never knew existed.

Spider-Man: 4 POWERS Teacher's Possess

In teaching we often face situations that we never expected would happen.  Just like Spider-Man, however, we have been gifted with powers that we never knew existed or we often take for granted.  All we have to do is look within to find them, and learn to wield them well.

GROOT: 3 Lessons to Learn as Leaders

Summer Superhero Series: Volume Two

Groot is a superhero who does not need words to define his leadership.  He uses his actions and his example to demonstrate his strength, and others take notice.

GROOT: 3 Lessons to Learn as Leaders

Leadership is tough. It is not something that can be mastered by following a formula or a framework.  It is something that is learned over time, through years of observation and mentorship.  Groot is a perfect example of selfless leadership in action.

Lead like Groot and take these lessons to heart as you tackle the task of leadership.

Wonder Woman: 4 Lessons to Empower the Girls We Teach

Summer Superhero Series: Volume One

Wonder Woman is not simply a ‘female’ superhero, but rather she is a superhero who happens to be a female. There is a big difference.

When young girls in classrooms around the world understand this difference, they become empowered. They truly believe that they have the strength and fortitude to change the world. They become fierce.

We must teach our girls to ‘embrace the wonder,’ and internalize the lessons they can learn from Wonder Woman.