A Timeless Teacher Story: Mr. John Lynch

Tom Kang: Men’s Pastor at Saddleback Church (Lake Forest, CA).

untitled-design-26I was just a kid born and raised in Jersey to industrious, immigrant parents who risked everything to give their kids a shot at the “American Dream.”

Voted Vice President and “Best Dressed” of my class… it is funny how insecure, people-pleasing, overachieving ways are sometimes rewarded in High School.  Speaking of which, my school had about 1200 total students and was located in the rolling hills of an affluent suburbia filled with parks and a picturesque lake. I basically lived in Oz.

A Timeless Teacher Story: Mrs. Jackubiak

Gerri Garrick, Actor

Untitled design (3)My Name is Gerri Garrick and I’m an actor. Wow. That sounded like an intro at the SAG awards.  I earned my Sag card doing a show called “Bosom Buddies” in 1980 playing a man who pretends to be a woman! Good times!  Or that might have been Tom Hanks. Anyway, I also have day jobs working with kids and teaching them acting and singing.

A Timeless Teacher Story: Miss Gale

Hyo Sil Siegel, Family Pastor

hyosil_siegel_2016I grew up in a Christian home. My dad was a pastor and my parents worked very hard to care for the people and families of the church.  God always came first.  Growing up I would say that I never wanted to go into ministry because I saw the toll it took on my parents and our family. But God has a sense of humor and look at me now.

A Timeless Teacher Story: Ms. Sutton

Devin Swanson: Engineer for the Department of Defense

2I was always an analytical kid, strong on logic and reason, and loving discovery. Somewhere down the road I began a degree in Chemistry, which led me to search for opportunities in the applied science fields (engineering). I was fortunate to be selected for a position within an executive development program with the DoD, that eventually led to the role that I currently am in. It really was a crazy string of events that worked together to make some magic for me.