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Dear Student of Mine…

Emotions. Our students are filled with them when they walk into our lives for the first time.   A mix of excitement, nerves and a touch of fear will consume them as they slowly enter the classroom.

As a teacher, your response to their emotions may be one of the most impactful steps you take all year.  Tread lightly and know that one of the greatest things you can do to calm their nerves is to be transparent.  Build relationships from day one, and alleviate their fears by setting a stage of trust.

One thing I find to be so helpful is to greet new students with a simple letter.  A letter that lays out what they can expect from me, and explains my goals as their teacher and mentor this year.

The Power of a Letter

Amongst the hectic confusion that comes with the first few days of school, a little glimmer of hope can go a long way.   To a nervous and excited student, a tiny piece of comfort can make all the difference.  A thoughtful letter handed to them with a smile can be the lifeline many of them so desperately need.  It will forever mark the first time they met a teacher that changed their life forever.  To you it may just be an introduction, but to them it will become a memory.  

A Letter That Shares a Teacher’s Purpose


A simple encouragement…

YOU have the power to impact lives, to influence and to change the world.  Use your power well. Give your students all of you so they can give you more than you ever thought possible.  Keep up the great work and be proud to call yourself a teacher.



 QUESTION: What would you include in YOUR letter to your students?  Leave a comment by CLICKING HERE!


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