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130: ENCORE EPISODE: The Empty Classroom

Welcome to Episode 130 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast. In today’s episode, we are having an encore episode where I talk about the empty classroom that all teachers face on the last day of school, and focus on how powerful standing in that moment can truly be.

Three Points to Ponder When Standing in Your Empty Classroom

An empty classroom at the end of the year represents a chapter in a book our students write. As a teacher, you have helped to write the lines that they will highlight and come back to time and time again.


The empty room at the end of the year signifies a job well done. When you leave everything you have in the classroom, and give all you can give, your students will not soon forget your impact.


An empty classroom that is packed up and ready to remain silent for a while has one goal: to be filled again very soon. Take the time you need to rest and recharge, so that you can come back ready to fill the lives of your students with a year they will never forget.


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