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GROOT: 3 Lessons to Learn as Leaders

Groot is a superhero who does not need words to define his leadership.  He uses his actions and his example to demonstrate his strength, and others take notice.

GROOT: 3 Lessons to Learn as Leaders

Leadership is tough. It is not something that can be mastered by following a formula or a framework.  It is something that is learned over time, through years of observation and mentorship.  Groot is a perfect example of selfless leadership in action.

Lead like Groot and take these lessons to heart as you tackle the task of leadership.

Groot… The Key to The Guardians of the Galaxy

Any great team has an element that brings them together as one.  For the Guardians of the Galaxy, I believe that element is Groot.  He leads without having to be front and center.  He protects those he loves when no one else can.  He is the bonding force that ties the team together when all seems lost.  He is a true leader, HE IS GROOT.

3 Lessons Leaders Can Learn From Groot


1. Saying Little Can Say A Lot

Groot is a hero who is powerful, reliable and strong. He is the character who provides the Guardians of the Galaxy with rare moments of wonder, as well as much needed protection in times of need. His greatest strength, however, lies within his silence. He chooses when to speak and he chooses wisely. Although his vocabulary consists of only three words, “I am Groot,” when he speaks, he says so much within that phrase. He is loved by all because he is a hero who leads through example, action and dedication, rather than immense words.

As a leader, you must be powerful, reliable and strong. You must provide moments of wonder, and a foundation rooted in love, in order for those you lead to feel safe. True leadership is not found in how much you speak, but rather in how you carry out what you say. Words are powerful, and will often lay the foundation for your vision to be put into action… choose them wisely.

Saying little can say a lot.  Don’t fall into the trap of talking so much you don’t have time to take action. People do not follow words for very long.  Be intentional with the words you choose and the message you portray. Become a leader who listens first, speaks second and lets their example be the guide.

2. Be Kind, But Carry a Fierce Heart.

Although he may seem to be a hero that is following orders from other members of the team, many would argue that Groot is actually the general in charge. He is kind and compassionate to his fellow companions, yet when push comes to shove, Groot takes the lead.  He saves the lives of the Guardians more times than one can count, and he makes sure to be the one leading the charge when the Guardians are in peril.  He is humble and gentle, yet when the situation requires it, his fierce heart leads the way to protect those he cares about.

As a leader, it is crucial to be humble and kind, but your heart must be fierce when needed. In order for others to follow a vision that you represent, you must be approachable and trustworthy.  Yet, at the same time, when situations arise that call for action, you must be the one to lead with a heart of passion and strength.  The best leaders are those who can find the perfect balance between a kind spirit and a fierce heart.  Lead like Groot. Fill yourself with humility, kindness and inner strength, so that you can guide the way for those that need you most.

Be kind, but carry a fierce heart.  Don’t fall into the trap of trying to please everyone you meet.  Be discerning in your decisions and remain genuine to your beliefs. Stand your ground when the situation calls for it and protect those you lead. Become a leader who is strong on the inside as well as the outside, and be the guide that others know they can trust.

3. Sometimes Sacrifice is Required For Growth

As the Guardians of the Galaxy face what seems to be certain obliteration when they are inside a ship on a crash course, Groot sacrifices himself and creates a barrier of protection around them to keep them safe.  He literally puts himself between them and certain death, and ends up saving the lives of those he loves.  He utters three powerful words, however, before the crash… “We are Groot.”  He knows that the Guardians will carry on the lessons he has helped teach them through his leadership.  The amazing thing however, is that through his sacrifice he brings about new growth.  Not only do we see him ‘regrown’ into Baby Groot, but the Guardians become stronger and more powerful because of the bond that Groot helped to immortalize.

As a leader, there will be times when sacrifice will be required in order to move forward.  There will be situations when you must personally sacrifice in order to grow even more.  There will also be times when others will need your sacrifice to benefit them.  You must be willing to do what is necessary to keep the needs and interests of those you lead at the forefront.  The best leaders are those who understand that the needs of others come first, and growth cannot happen without determination, perseverance and sacrifice.

Sometimes sacrifice is required for growth. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you are the most important person in the room.  Be willing to put others before yourself, and be a leader that is able to make the tough decisions when necessary. Become someone who is willing to grow through sacrifice so you can build a bond with those you lead that will never break.

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