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Hermione: 3 Spells to Cast as a Leader

Hermione wields the wand of change.  By casting her spell through her adventures, she changes the narrative and gives us the realization of a female hero that girls look up to and boys revere.

As leaders, we can learn a lot through taking a closer look at Hermione.  She demonstrates so many qualities that are found within great leadership, and her actions speak louder than her words.  With each spell she casts, she teaches us how to be the kind of leader others want to follow.

Hermione, a Leader Filled With Magic

Hermione is magical, not because of the power she wields within her wand, but rather because of the character she displays through her actions.  She is a leader among leaders,  a hero that saves the day, and a friend who always comes through.  We can learn a lot about leadership through her character as well as through the spells she casts along the way. 

3 Spells to Cast as a Leader

Spell One: ‘Oculus Reparo’

When Hermione first meets Harry and Ron on the Hogwarts Express, she uses this spell to fix Harry’s glasses.  She notices they are broken and immediately takes action.  It is through this action that we witness the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will change the course of history.  The power within this simple spell, however, is not found in the result it produces, but rather in the aspect of leadership it reveals. Through this spell, we catch a glimpse of one of the most remarkable leadership qualities that makes Hermione a true hero. We witness her compassion.

A leader without compassion is like a wizard without a wand, powerful yet powerless. True power in leadership comes from a heart to serve and the willingness to put others first. Whether you lead a classroom filled with students, or a room full of adults, you must be able to wield a compassionate heart.  Take notice of those around you, identify those in need and take the actions necessary to serve those who require it most in their hour of need.

Don’t hesitate to use the ‘Oculus Reparo’ spell as a leader.  Although you may not be able to ‘fix’ every issue that comes your way, you can pay attention to the small details that are often the most in need of repair.  Sometimes the slightest act of kindness brings about the largest impact in the long run.  Take on a Hermione mindset, and cast the spell of compassion over those you lead each day.

Spell Two: ‘Wingardium Leviosa’

Mastering the spell, ‘Wingardium Leviosa,’ may be one of Hermoine’s most memorable achievements.  In one of the first lessons at Hogwarts, Hermione corrects Ron’s pronunciation of this spell, and becomes the first person to master it.  Although he does not like being corrected at first, Ron is able to use the spell correctly later to save the day, due to Hermione’s intervention.  It is through this spell that we witness a leadership quality found within Hermione that so many leaders today fear to display.  We catch a glimpse of her confidence to correct those who need guidance.

Often times people don’t realize they are heading down a wrong path until it is too late.  As a leader, it is your job to care enough about those you lead to be willing to correct them when needed.  You will get push back at first, but when you intervene based on the best interests of those you lead, they will be thankful down the road for your guidance.

Don’t hesitate to lift others up from time to time with a little ‘Wingardium Leviosa.’  Sometimes what people need is a bit of guidance, when they don’t think they need it, in order to succeed later on down the road.  Take on a Hermione mindset, and be brave enough to confidently correct those you care about in order to help them succeed.

Spell Three: ‘Obliviate’

‘Obliviate,’ the memory charm, may be the most heart wrenching spell Hermione casts. To protect her family from being caught amidst the battle ensuing around them, Hermione uses this spell to erase their memories of her.  She literally sacrificed the life she knew in order to save those she loved the most.  It is through this spell that we see an extremely powerful leadership quality that Hermione possesses.  We witness her ability to sacrifice for the greater good.

Leaders who are unwilling to sacrifice, will eventually end up only leading themselves.  As a leader, you must be willing to look at the greater good above your own personal ambitions. Those you lead trust you to always have their best interests at heart, and do what it takes to serve them best.  Sacrifice is perhaps the most difficult aspect of leading well, but it is also the most necessary to move forward.

Show courage when the time calls for it, and sacrifice when needed in order to benefit others.  To gain the trust of those you lead, you must be willing to show them that you are there to serve them first.  You must be able to demonstrate to them that when push come to shove, you will not put your interests above the message and vision that they are following.  Take on a Hermione mindset, and make the tough decisions required when the time calls for sacrifice.

What is so fundamentally beautiful about Hermione is her loyalty, her compassion, her confidence and her love of others.  Her leadership is the glue that holds everything together and she is the hero that allows champions to succeed.

Lead like Hermione.  Don’t seek accolades, but rather help others achieve them.  Be the hero that so many need to save the day, even when they don’t realize they are in need of rescuing.




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