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If School Hallways Could Talk…

Imagine if teachers had the ability to hear everything that students said during a school day.  If the hallways could talk, oh the things they would say!

Over the years,  I’ve overheard things in the hallways that would make most people blush, while at the same time, there have been stories that would break your heart. There are so many insights we could take away from the hidden truths found within the halls of our schools. If we listen close enough, I think what we hear can transform our thinking and help us have an even greater impact in the long run.

1. Students Are Observers

It is so important to realize that your students are constantly watching, and they never forget the things that are important to them. 

Have you ever noticed that some students will forget what they were taught a week prior, but they have no problem remembering a story you shared months before?  Teachers are a major influence in the lives of students, and the content you teach is secondary to them.  No grade, lesson or activity will ever take priority over the mentorship students seek from their teachers.

This is why it is crucial that we set the example they need to help them understand what it means to be reliable, passionate, understanding and authentic.  In order for those we teach to be good people, they must be able to observe the qualities good people possess.  Your students will never forget the things you do for them that make them feel important.  They will remember how you acted, the stories you shared that made them laugh, and the type of person you were long after they leave your classroom. 

[shareable cite=”Chuck Poole”]Make sure the memories you leave for students are those that you would be proud for them to share.[/shareable]

2. Students Want To Be Valued

How do we know we are valued?

In today’s growing social media world, our sense of value has taken on a whole new meaning. To many of us, the amount of likes, re-pins, shares and retweets we get give us value.  We constantly find ourselves checking our phones, or feeds, to see how ‘popular’ we are that day (I am guilty of this often). Getting noticed has become more valuable than gold.  Being adults, however, we have learned that our true value comes from those who know us and love us for who we are, regardless of how many likes or shares we get on social media.  We aren’t told we are valued, we simply know we are, based on the actions of others and the impact we have on each other everyday.

As teachers, we have the power to show our students that they are valued far more than their profiles online make them believe.  Our goal should be to make each and every student realize that their ideas are relevant, their voices have worth, and their value does not depend on the opinions of cliques they often come across. When we take the time to care about our students as people, than they will become interested in what we have to say.  They will know that they are valued, not because we told them so, but rather through the actions we have taken to show them. 

[shareable cite=”Chuck Poole”]Make sure your students know that they are valued each day by simply caring about them as people first, and students second.[/shareable]

3. Students Want To Succeed

No matter what we do in life, we want to succeed.

Our passions and goals will often have setbacks, but the most successful people are those who are willing to go beyond failure in order to succeed.  They are the people who often have others by their side, cheering them on, mentoring them and guiding them along the way.  Very rarely, do people get through obstacles in life alone.

Every one of our students has the inner drive to succeed. When they took their first steps, with mom and dad cheering them on, they did not simply stop because they fell down a few times.  Instead they were willing to learn from their mistakes and try again, until they finally achieved their goal.  Never once did the thought of failure stop them from achieving what they set out to do.  Succeeding beyond failure is engrained in who they are, quitting is something they have learned over time.  It is our job as teachers to guide our students and help them believe that they can succeed.  We have the ability to erase their doubts and ignite their inner drive. If we do not give up on them, they will not give up on themselves.

[shareable cite=”Chuck Poole”]Make sure that you give each of  your students the confidence and assurance they need to never give up on themselves[/shareable]

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