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It's Time To Teach On Purpose

Life is a great teacher. In order to fully take advantage of life’s lessons, we need to pay close attention.  We must be very purposeful in how we live our lives so that we can reap the benefits we long to achieve.


No matter what you may try to accomplish in life, it is near impossible to achieve any goal without being intentional along the way.  This same principle holds true when it comes to teaching.  If we want to make a true impact, we must approach our teaching in the same way we do our goals.  We must learn to Teach On Purpose.

Living on Purpose is a Choice

Every time I try to begin a healthy routine there are so many obstacles.  The tasty foods that I love tend to creep around every corner, and the bad food choices I once made seem to be very tempting.  In order to live a healthy lifestyle however, I have to discipline myself to make the right choices on purpose and be very intentional with how I prepare my meals.  I understand that the benefits of taking the time to plan far outweigh a spur of the moment decision.

Most of us have no problem making the sacrifices necessary and the choices needed when it comes to our health because we want what is best for our future.  Imagine if we approached teaching with this same mindset.  Imagine if we began to teach on purpose!

3 Simple ways to Teach On Purpose and Transform Your Mindset



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 Teach on purpose by building trust with your students daily

Our students are amazing people who tend to need us more than we know.  If we provide a safe place for them when they are in our classroom, an interested ear when they share their life stories, and a strong sense of discipline when they need structure, we will earn their trust.  And trust is key.  The secret though, is being consistent day in and day out.  Students understand routine and are drawn to consistency.

It all begins by being intentional. We must plan time into our schedules to compliment our students, time to listen to their stories, and time to give tough love when needed.  We cannot rely on simple spontaneous actions for too long because over time they will be forgotten. Our students deserve to be thought about as more than just a kid we have in class for a year.  We need to begin thinking of them as a family member we get to impact and guide for life.  If we view them in this manner we will have no problem making the choices necessary and the sacrifices needed to help them succeed.

Try this today: Write down your class roster on a piece of paper.  Next to each student name write down ONE interest outside of school that you know they have (if you don’t know one, ask them). Make it a point to talk to them about that interest this week and begin building a relationship with them that can last a lifetime. 

Teach on purpose by approaching your lessons differently

Our lessons are a reflection of us as teachers.  If we choose to teach lessons to our students using recycled ideas or if we decide to ‘wing’ it when we teach, we send a very clear message that they are not important.  Although our students may not realize that this is going on, we become robotic and lack enthusiasm over time. We lose the sincerity and passion we once had and in turn our students are the ones who suffer.

It is imperative that when we plan our lessons, we put our current students first and teach them where they are.  As teachers, we owe it to them to be intentional every time we sit down to plan. We must be able to purposefully include their interests, their needs, and their input in each unit we create.  This takes time but will be so worth it in the end and will be something our students will always remember.

Try this today: Implement a WEEKLY meeting with your students where they get to share three things openly and honestly.  Take ten minutes once a week and have students assess what they have done, dissect what worked and what didn’t, and discuss ways to improve what they will be doing next in order to fit their needs best.

Teach on purpose by taking care of yourself

One of the people we most often overlook in our teaching is ourselves. Teachers are givers by nature, and that often means that we put others first. This is an amazing quality to have, however, we need to understand that for our students, colleagues, and friends to benefit most from what we can offer, we must be at our best.  The decisions we make each day regarding our well being will have a much larger impact than we may realize. 

To ‘Teach on Purpose’ in every area we must first take care of us.  By being intentional with the choices we make regarding food, exercise, and overall health we can impact in ways we never thought possible.  This is an area that must be planned on purpose because without a plan we just have an idea that often gets tossed aside.

Try this today: Make a list of things you do that you would like to change.  This could be bad habits, poor food choices, or anything you feel may be causing harm to your well being.  Choose ONE of the items on your list and begin changing it this week.  Once you have turned the item on the list to a positive, continue until all are completely gone from the list. 

As teachers and leaders we must ‘Teach on Purpose’ each day because our students deserve our best.

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