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Short Anecdotes Designed To Inspire You

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Lessons From Willy Wonka

By Chuck Poole

As a tribute to Gene Wilder and his amazing portrayal of Willy Wonka, I wanted to share five lessons we could gather from this iconic character. Lesson 1: It’s OK to dream, because dreamers change the world. As teachers we must allow our students to dream big because we never know which ‘little dreamer’ will…

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Student Behavior

By Chuck Poole

Most of us start out the school year with great ideas, focused on new ways to engage and educate students, but roadblocks often surface before we’re too far along. We might be tempted to complain when these obstacles come or blame others out of frustration, but the solution may be to implement simple habits early…

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The Power of Positivity

By Chuck Poole

As teachers we spend countless hours doing our best to make learning relevant.  We research, we study, and we create engaging lessons everyday. At times however it can seem that all of our hard work isn’t even noticed which can leave us feeling unappreciated and let down.  When I first started my teaching career I felt overwhelmed,…

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