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How to Strive Through the Storms of Leadership

The strength of a storm must be respected.  However, when we take the time to step outside, once it has passed, we will be given the opportunity to smell the fresh new air it has left behind and work together like never before.

Great leaders will face storms, yet it is often through the fury that we find fortitude.  Whether the storms we face totally destroy the foundation of our vision or they try to simply hinder our progress, it is crucial to approach them with a plan.  When a leader is prepared before the storm hits, they will be able to emerge even stronger than before.  The key is in how you handle the storms that come your way.

3 Ways To Strive Through The Storm


Beware of the Calm

Before a storm hits an area there is often a ‘calm’ that precedes it as a warning.  Everything seems to stand still, silence fills the air and the deception of peace settles in. In time, the winds pick up, the sky darkens and the storm hits.  The only mercy we see is the simple warning of calm given to us by mother nature before the storm unleashes its fury.  Those who heed this warning are able to prepare, while those who ignore it end up blindsided.

In leadership, being aware is a critical element that cannot be overlooked.  The key to understanding the ‘calm’ is having the ability to tell the difference between golden silence and broken silence.  Golden silence is that time when things are working perfectly in tune and everything is moving forward without a hitch.  Broken silence is when things seem to be moving forward, but in reality there are elements within the system just waiting to erupt and slow things down.  You must be able to establish trust and ignore your ego in order to tell the difference.   It is essential to surround yourself with people who care more about protecting the integrity of your vision, than guarding your feelings in times of trouble.  Be aware ahead of time by trusting others to help you along the way.

Simple Tip to Help Recognize ‘The Calm’

Create a small inner circle of those who have your best interests at heart.  Find those who share your vision and are willing to challenge you in order to further the message you are looking to spread.  When things seem to stand still and become peacefully silent, call on your inner circle to help evaluate the big picture together.  This way, if a storm is coming, you can get out in front of it and prepare ways to handle it together.

Embrace the Power Found Within the Eye

The eye of the storm is the catalyst that gives the strength needed to produce power.  When a storm is in full force, it is a demonstration of dominance.  It exhibits the realization that we don’t have everything under control all the time, and that sometimes we need to step back and be humbled.  The key thing to remember about the eye, however, is that it weakens over time and eventually fades away.  Those who are able to survive through it, will be able to stand strong and move forward.

As a leader, you will face opposition and obstacles that seem so strong and so unsurmountable that you feel like giving up.  These are the obstacles that are found within the ‘eye,’ and are the most important to recognize.  By standing firm in your vision, and by outlasting these storms, you can overcome them.  A leader who is able to persevere through the ‘eye of the storm’ as it passes, will not only be left with trustworthy followers, but will also become humble.  A humble leader is one that will lead with integrity and will build a foundation that no storm could ever destroy.

Simple Tip to Embrace the Eye:

Many times our biggest storms come from within.  The ‘eye’ of many of our storms build strength when we fall into the curse of comparison.  Stay true to your vision and do not allow your own self doubt to confuse your purpose.  Remember that the quickest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else.  When storms come your way,  when critics come around, refrain from comparison, and allow your passion and purpose to shelter you.  Learn all you can and let your passion guide you, all while outlasting the critics and refusing to compare.

See the Positives in the Aftermath

When a storm passes, it’s impact is not over.  Those who were able to ‘outlast the eye’ will require an immense amount of strength to face the aftermath.  Pain, destruction and loss often follow intense storms.  The key is found within the mindset of those who rise above.   Although there will be damage that must be resolved, the opportunity to move forward and embrace the fresh new air left behind will be there as well.  Those who can grasp to the light amidst the darkness are those who will change the world.

As a leader, your mindset during the aftermath will make all the difference.  Although the negatives that follow will lurk at the forefront of your mind, it is critical to find the positives that are often hidden among the debris. Your mindset as a leader will set the tone for everything else that follows.  It is during the aftermath of the storm, that you will need the most strength.  Moving forward with a positive outlook will help those you lead handle the aftermath with hope. Focus on the positives, move forward and do what it takes to lead with strength.

Simple Tip to See the Positives in the Aftermath:

Begin focusing on the positives BEFORE the storms hit.  Make it a practice to begin each day being thankful for the little things.  By doing this you will create a habit that will serve as a weapon of change during times of despair.  Start a gratitude journal, and begin each day by writing down the positives going on in your leadership and in your life.  Positivity is contagious and as a leader, it begins with you.  Lead well!

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