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Teach FIT: How ‘In Shape’ are YOU as a Teacher?

The most successful people in the world are FIT.  They have the ability to Focus, take Initiative, and be Tenacious in order to accomplish their goals.  People who have a FIT mentality will rise above the rest.

When it comes to teaching, this same rule applies.  If you want to lead your students down a successful path, you must be able to focus on a plan, take the initiative to move things forward, and be tenacious in living out your purpose. 

In order to be an unforgettable teacher and to rise above the obstacles you face daily, you must take the time to get FIT.

TEACH FIT: Are YOU In Shape?



High achieving people that make a difference in our world are not great at everything, they are great at one thing.  They spend their time focusing on their strengths in order to achieve their goals.  They understand that in order to impact on a large scale, they must be able to focus on the small things they do well.  They are humble enough to rely on others to help them where they are weak, and they achieve more through collaboration and partnership.

In order to TEACH FIT, you must be willing to learn your strengths and have a laser focus on using them to impact your students.  You must be willing to humble yourself and allow others to help you in areas of weakness.  You must be able to focus on what you bring to the table and collaborate with others on things you do not do well.  Often times we try to adopt the newest fad, strategy or tool that comes across our desk, hoping that it will be the golden ticket we need to make learning come alive.  When we attempt to become the ‘jack of all trades’ we often become the master of none.  Learn to focus on what you do well and your students will benefit.


The difference makers in our world are those who take initiative.  They are people who think big, have a vision and are willing to go against the grain when all others simply stand still.  Initiative accomplishes things, launches ideas and changes the status quo.  Those who possess it, are the ones who continually move our world forward.

In order to TEACH FIT, you must be willing to take initiative.  At times it may be uncomfortable  to step outside of your comfort zone, but it is crucial in order to move learning forward for your students.  Taking initiative allows for change, new ideas and creativity to flow through your classroom.  By taking one step at a time you give yourself the opportunity to make a lasting impact on those you teach.  Take the time to go above expectations and try new things so that your students will do the same.


‘Tenacity’ comes from the Latin word tenacitus which means “tough, holding fast.”   People who are tenacious are those who continue at a task when other’s give up.  They are the ones who succeed because they have the strength to achieve what others think is impossible.  They are driven by their purpose and they are rare.

In order to TEACH FIT, you must be willing to be tenacious.  As a teacher, you have a goal to make a difference in the lives of your students.  You want them to own their learning and you have their best interest at heart.  In order to allow students to succeed in the future, you must be tenacious in the present.  Take the time to recognize and establish your purpose now so that it can drive your teaching for years to come.  Live out your purpose with tenacity and leave an impact that will be truly unforgettable.

Are You Ready?

You can do this!  You can TEACH FIT and be the teacher your students will never forget.  Print this FREE poster and hang it in a visible area to help remind you to maintain your FITness levels.  Keep your Focus, take Initiative, and be Tenacious everyday!



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