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This Week's Teacher Feature

Kerryn Walsh

Gold Coast, Australia

"My ‘Why’ is that I am passionate about inspiring others to improve!"
This year, our school which is an Apple Distinguished School, embarked on using Seesaw.  This platform was new to me and I wasn’t sure how it would go with a class of five year olds! I embraced the opportunity and by May I was invited by Apple Australia to be a speaker at an iPad in the Early Years conference in Brisbane about how to engage parents Anywhere and Anytime.  This was such an amazing experience for me.  I have become a Seesaw Ambassador and have been a featured author on Seesaw.  You can access my library of activities that have been shared internationally in the Seesaw library here
As mentioned in my quote, I am passionate about inspiring others to improve - whether this be students, parents, colleagues or family.  I endeavor to do this by collaborating, encouraging, coaching and mentoring. Why wouldn’t you want everyone to reach their potential… so rewarding! 
 In Australia, we have a new classification of teacher called Highly Accomplished Teacher.  With this comes a pay increase, but more importantly gives amazing class teachers an opportunity to stay in the classroom teaching.  I am applying for this role in 2019 and set up a Facebook group for applicants to network, be encouraged etc. This was a new venture for me and in the eight weeks that it has been going, we have over 670 members.  The Education Department has endorsed it and members are grateful to have this support network.  If you are in Australia and are applying for Highly Accomplished Teacher, you can find the group here.  As it is a closed group, I unfortunately can not approve other teachers.  

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Kerryn Walsh

Michele Kelly

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