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Teaching is a Love Story

Great love stories have enticed people for generations.  They have provided laughter and excitement, as well as heartbreak and tears.

It is due to this range of emotions that we become addicted to these stories. Whether we are reading a novel or watching a movie, if it is a love story, we are on the edge of our seats.  As teachers, your dedication, perseverance, and drive is something that only love can bring out.

A great love story is a lot like teaching.  It is filled with emotion, passion and surprises, yet in the end, you are so happy you went along on the journey.   In so many ways, teachers live a love story every time they step into their classrooms. Sometimes it is filled with bliss, while other times it is filled with stress and struggle. The key thing to remember, however, is that just like in a love story, the ‘happily ever after’ is just around the corner.

Five Ways Teaching is a Love Story

1. In a love story, ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Great love stories have characters that are moved by a passion that is so compelling, it becomes almost as vital as air. It is the power of love that drives them and gives them the ability to do things they never would have been able to do otherwise. 

Great Teachers possess a passion that drives them to do the impossible. When they enter the classroom, the love they have for what they do is evident and the power of that love propels them forward. Harness that power and let your passion for teaching take you from being ordinary to extraordinary.

2. In a love story, there are hurdles around every corner

Great love stories keep the reader on the edge of their seat by constantly putting barriers in the way of the characters in the center.  Just when you think there will be a happily ever after, another hurdle gets in the way.

Great teachers face hurdles almost daily, which keeps them on the edge of their seats. Instead of giving up or giving in, however, they push through the barriers because they know that what lies on the other side, is worth more than the ‘road bump’ in front of them in the moment. Embrace the barriers you face in teaching, because they will strengthen you and help lead you on your journey to make a difference.

3. In a love story, the full range of human emotions are explored

Great love stories aren’t just about love, they’re also about so many other human emotions as well. Throughout a love story we explore anger, disappointment, happiness and hope, just to name a few. Love isn’t a simple emotion, and a great story can capture the complexity of it well.

Great teachers have a wide range of emotions during the school year because they are complex individuals. There will be times when anger and frustration seem to dominate, but remember that fulfillment and joy will often be right around the corner.  It is so important to realize that for every negative emotion that comes our way, there is a much stronger, positive one waiting to reveal itself if we are patient enough to experience it.

4. In a love story, the drive to overcome brings about success

Great love stories have people that are driven. Love is an emotion of enormous power, and will often be the driving force that makes someone overcome obstacles no matter what the cost.  Regardless of what is in front of them, when it comes to this emotion, people will often do whatever it takes to win the love they seek.

Great teachers are driven. When most people are ready to throw in the towel, they are just beginning to roll up their sleeves. Their love for teaching, for making a difference, and most importantly for their students, is what drives them to overcome anything that hinders progress and growth. Have the courage to overcome your struggles because a driven teacher who is fearless can change the world.

5. In a love story, there is a “Happily Ever After”

Great love stories have a ‘happily ever after.’  Despite the hardships that come along the journey, love will always prevail in the end. This is what makes a true love story so enticing.  Although our nerves are on edge throughout the story, we know deep down that in the end love will win.

Above all, great teachers know love is most important.  Although content and curriculum are needed in order to help provide a well rounded education, it is only when a student feels loved and cared for that they will truly learn. Great teachers understand that ‘happily ever after’ is not a student’s grade at the end of the marking period, but rather it is the smile on their face at the end of the day. Approach your students with a heart that cares, and show them that they matter.  This will make all the difference, and your teaching story will continue to be filled with love ever after.

[shareable cite=”Chuck Poole”] ‘Happily ever after’ is not a student’s grade, but rather the smile on their face at the end of the day.[/shareable]

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