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The Justice League: Teach as One

The Justice League is compiled of some of the most powerful superheroes of all time.   Alone, each hero is POWERFUL, yet together they are an UNSTOPPABLE force to be reckoned with.

As a teacher, you bring your own unique skill set into the profession.  The different abilities and skills that you possess could be considered your very own superpowers.  Alone, you are powerful, yet imagine if we attempted to ‘save the world’ together instead of going at it alone.

Just like the most powerful superheroes of our time, when we work together we can change the world.

A Team of Superheroes is Unstoppable

The Justice League is a team of heroes that so many of us have grown to love.  Members such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash have made their way into the hearts of so many of us over the years.  From Superman’s heat vision, to Wonder Woman’s god status, the abilities each member of the Justice League display are remarkable.  Forming a team this powerful was no accident, and each member was chosen for their unique skill set.   

Imagine if we approached teaching in the same manner.  Imagine if we were willing to share our strengths in order to impact those we teach.  Imagine if we intentionally looked to create our very own ‘Justice League.’

Every Teaching Team Needs A…


Superman is a leader not because he saves people, but because he helps them discover the best parts of themselves.  He brings hope and strength to those who doubt their own abilities and he offers belief to a doubting world. 

Every team needs a Superman.  Having the ability to bring out the best in others is something that is crucial in order for any group to be successful.  Every team needs to have that person who is capable of leading leaders, and guiding them down the best path possible.


Batman is a planner, a natural born strategist.  Although rough around the edges, his heart is in the right place.  Without his keen ability to see the outcomes ahead of them, his team would struggle.  He is intelligent, intuitive and he brings a laser focus so that the team can accomplish a goal together.

Every team needs a Batman.  Having the ability to layout a strategy that takes into account the best possible outcome at every turn is essential.  Every team needs to have that person who can see the big picture ahead of them, can alter the route when necessary and can plan in such a way that every member is an important piece of the puzzle.

The Flash

The Flash is a pace setter.  He has the ability to move at the speed of light when necessary, but also has the clarity in the moment to see things as if time itself slows down. By staying one step ahead, he brings some much needed insight to the heroes fighting to save a fast paced world.

Every team needs the Flash.  Having the ability to provide clarity in the moment when things seem crazy is critical.  Every team needs that person who has the ability to pace the rest of the group when they are moving too quickly, as well as when they don’t seem to be moving forward at all.  Sometimes the most important person we need in our corner is the one who can make time stand still in the moment, and provide the clarity we need to accomplish greatness.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a creator.  He has the ability to create whatever he wishes out of pure energy.  His only limitation is his own imagination. He brings about what is needed most through his creativity, and has the ability to help others simply through what he is able to produce.

Every team needs a Green Lantern.  Having the ability to bring a creative eye to what most people see as mundane or ordinary is remarkable.   Every team needs that person who has the ability to create masterpieces out of raw ideas.  By bringing thoughts to life in a new way, the entire team can become rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever challenge may come their way.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a warrior.  She has powers that are unimaginable and she is fearless.  She is a hero that chooses to help those who cannot help themselves because she has a vision. She brings, perhaps the most pivotal element to the team she serves… she brings the constant sense of purpose.

Every team needs a Wonder Woman.  Having the ability to bring a sense of purpose to those who have a tendency to stray is vital.   Every team needs that person with a warriors heart, the one who reminds us of why we do what we do.  Sometimes, their presence and commitment is all we need in order to go beyond our own expectations.

Form Your Team

Every superhero needs a challenge to face.  Today, your challenge is to take a moment and determine which member of the ‘Justice League’ resonates with you the most.  Figure out your strengths, and than surround yourself with those who complete your superhero team.  Alone, teachers are strong, but together we are unstoppable. We must come together and combine our strengths so that we can change the world and give our students the opportunity to do the same.

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