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The POWER of a Teacher's Presence

The power of your presence in the lives of others can leave a remarkable impact.  Depending on how you wield that power will determine the influence you have each day.

It is crucial to understand that in a fast paced world, filled with people who equate value with action, the power of your presence can often be overlooked.   The message you send to others without saying a word can be even more powerful than you imagine. 

Command Your Presence


Your presence is fueled by truth.  When you have a great day, share it with your students.  When you have a frustrating day, be honest with them and let them see that YOU are a real person.   You will teach them the most about life when your authenticity shines through.

As a teacher, your presence can influence the lives of your students in so many ways.  It can help them to believe in themselves, or it can cause them to give up.  It can show them that they matter, or it can make them feel useless.  It can cause them to reach for the stars, or it can crush their dreams altogether.  The impact you choose to have will make all the difference.  Your presence holds immense power, take the time to command it well.

3 Ways to Wield the Power of Your Presence


Mind Your Presence in the Classroom

When you enter your classroom each day, the first thing students experience is your presence.  You have the opportunity to make them feel safe, make them feel better about themselves and make them believe.  You also have the choice to intimidate them, make them doubt, and instill fear.  Student’s look to their teachers to be the positive influence that is constant in their lives.  A teacher’s presence will directly impact the outcomes of the students they teach.

Question to Consider:  What are you personally doing each day to make students feel welcome?

Challenge to Try: Greet each student with a smile and a compliment as they enter your room.  Don’t simply open the door to let them into the classroom, open the door and make them feel welcome.  A positive presence in the beginning of class will lead to a learning experience that students will not forget once the last bell rings.

Share your Presence in the Moment

As a teacher, you experience many things in any given school day.  Some are memorable moments you cherish, while others are what seem to be day to day occurrences.  Your presence in your daily interactions with students can be the difference between a great day and a horrible day.   It is how you present yourself in the small moments that will allow them to trust you with the larger ones.  Take time to be present when students tell their stories, share their dreams, and tell you about what matters to them.  Sometimes a listening ear is exactly what they need to feel special.

Question to Consider:  Do you take advantage of the small moments you experience each day with your students?

Challenge to Try: Be intentional today to be present in at least two simple moments.  If a student tells you about their day, ask them a pointed question to continue the conversation.  If a student talks about an interest of theirs, follow up with a simple note that makes a connection with that interest.   Your presence in the simplest moments with students will speak volumes.

Leave your Presence in their Hearts

Your presence in the lives of your students will last a lifetime.  When you invest in them and let them know that they are far more than just a name on a roster, you go from being a teacher they learn from to a mentor they trust.  The presence you leave with them each day will be imprinted on their hearts for years to come.  Make sure the message they receive is one that you are proud to share.

Question to Consider: Does your presence reflect the message you wish to send to your students on a daily basis?

Challenge to Try: Take a moment today and reflect on the message you hope to send to your students and write it down. Place it somewhere visible as a reminder, and do what it takes to make sure it becomes a reality each day.  When your teaching is driven by your WHY, the impact you have will truly last a lifetime.



 QUESTION: What are some other ways a teacher’s presence is POWERFUL?  Click Here to leave a comment!

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