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The Power of Positivity

As teachers we spend countless hours doing our best to make learning relevant.  We research, we study, and we create engaging lessons everyday. At times however it can seem that all of our hard work isn’t even noticed which can leave us feeling unappreciated and let down. 


When I first started my teaching career I felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and as if I was drowning without a lifeline to grab onto.  There were days when I felt like giving up and I found myself questioning if I was cut out for this job. It wasn’t until a mentor reached out and encouraged me that I actually felt like I could succeed.

As colleagues, we can help fellow teachers avoid the doubts that may be going through their minds by trying out some of these simple actions of encouragement today! 

Take a risk, take ACTION

When it comes to taking action it can be scary and may even seem awkward, but the positive impact you can have makes it all worth it in the end.  The simple ACT of  doing something for someone else can go a long, long way.

Three encouraging “actions” and “challenges” you can do today 

1. Tell a fellow teacher how they’ve encouraged you!

In times of stress we often feel like a failure. Maybe we are discouraged due to student lack of commitment in our class, or we are just having a bad day. In either case it is hard to believe we bring any value to anyone in the moment.  If you are like me however, you will hide these feelings and pretend that everything is perfectly fine.  This is why encouragement is so important.  You never know when a fellow teacher really needs a pick me up!

People can always use a simple word of encouragement. The action of simply telling someone how they have encouraged you is so easy yet so impactful.

Why is this “action” so important?

  1. It validates the importance of what your colleague is doing
  2. It gives them a feeling of success
  3. It allows them to know that they have helped you simply by doing what they do each day.

Challenge: Find one person today and tell them how they have encouraged you

2. When introducing your colleague, add a few words of praise for their abilities and accomplishments

People are encouraged when they are complimented in front of other people.  If you have the opportunity to introduce your colleague to someone they may not know, make sure to add how they have helped you in the past or what they do that is so remarkable.  This can go a long way and may in turn help your fellow teacher in the long run as well.

Why is this “action” so important?

  1. By highlighting the strengths about your colleague when introducing them you give a positive first impression right off the bat!
  2. It is encouraging to be praised in front of fellow teachers or staff members
  3. By doing this you are putting your “stamp of approval” on your colleague which can go a long way depending on your influence.

Challenge: If possible, introduce a fellow teacher to someone you feel they can bring value to based on their strengths.

[shareable cite=”Chuck Poole”]The simple ACT of doing something for someone else can go a long, long way.[/shareable]

3. Leave anonymous “Notes of Encouragement” in a fellow teachers mailbox

So many of us “share” inspirational quotes or stories on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter daily simply because they either inspire us or encourage us when we read them. Imagine doing this “sharing” in a more personal manner. 

Leaving an anonymous note of encouragement is something that is selfless because the recipient may not give you credit and you may not know the full impact of your action.  The great thing however is you will make someone’s day much better no matter what.

Why is this “action” so important?

  1. Small notes can be carried throughout the day and are a constant encouragement anytime they are read.
  2. An unexpected positive note in the mailbox can be a much needed surprise for someone
  3. Some people will use their note to be encouraged for long periods of time by placing it in a visible area where it can be seen everyday.

Challenge:  Choose one or two teachers today and place a note of encouragement in their mailbox. 

If you want some great notes for your colleagues simply download our free printable “Encouragement Postcards” below.  Just put in your email and we will send you the PDF for free!

Question: What other “actions of encouragement” do you find to be helpful for others?   Leave a comment by clicking here

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