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Three Inspiring Costumes Great Teachers Wear

When kids (and adults alike) dress up on Halloween, they are taking advantage of an opportunity to become someone else and hide their identity for a night.

As teachers, you have the opportunity to ‘dress up’ as many things throughout the year.  The difference between you, and those on Halloween, is that your ‘disguises’ display your identify rather than hide it. The power of who you represent to your students each day can make all the difference.  Make sure to wear your ‘costumes’ well.

3 Inspiring Costumes Great Teachers Wear

The Super Hero

Superheroes possess the power to create change.  They often give people hope when they are in their darkest hour, they swoop in and save the day when needed, and they put the needs of others before their own.  In the end they create a change in society that makes the future better.

There is no doubt that when ‘trick or treaters’ come knocking on your door this year on Halloween, you will notice many superheroes.  Whether you see Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman or any other masked hero, they will do their best to use their powers to gain as much candy as possible.  The reason so many kids dress up as these heroes, however, is because they admire them.  They are heroes that make them feel powerful, strong, and unstoppable.

Great teachers ‘dress up’ as superheroes every single day.  They give hope, swoop in to save students daily, and put the needs of others before their own.  When a student doubts their abilities, great teachers empower them.  When a student is down, great teachers swoop in to make them smile.  When all seems lost, great teachers instill the courage needed to move forward and conquer any obstacle.  In the end, the life of a student is changed for the better because they have their own personal superhero in the teachers they see each day.  Embrace the power to create change, and strive to ‘dress up’ daily as the superhero your students look for when they need someone to save the day.

The Disney® Character

Disney® encourages people of all ages to dream.  Their parks are known as the happiest place on earth, and they have the ability to make people believe the impossible. They are always honing their skills in order to provide a better experience for their audiences, and they continue to mesmerize and entertain year after year.  In the end, they help people embrace their imagination.  They give them hope and confidence that no dream is impossible.

Some of the most popular costumes on Halloween make reference to Disney® in some way.   Whether you see a Disney® princess, a classic character or even a villain, you may find yourself ‘treating’ many Disney® fans this year.  The reason so many kids dress up as these characters, however, is because they allow them to imagine, to hope and to dream.

Great teachers ‘dress up’ as Disney® characters every single day.  They help students dream, and they encourage them to use their imagination to accomplish the impossible.  Sometimes all it takes for a student to succeed is for them to believe in themselves and have a teacher who convinces them each day that they are special.  Just like Disney®, great teachers provide a classroom that students look at as ‘the happiest place on earth,’ and they create an experience that is unforgettable.  Encourage your students to imagine and to dream.  Be the Disney® character they need when all else fails and they just can’t seem to believe in themselves on their own.

The Icon

Icons possess the power of influence and are often looked at as role models.  Sometimes the example they set is worthy of admiration, while other times the message they choose to send is one we hope nobody follows.  Regardless of whether or not these icons set a good example or a bad one, they teach us lessons about our society. 

When you open your doors to the many costume clad kids this year,  you will surely notice some famous faces in the crowd.  Whether they are donning a likeness of a sports hero, a politician, a musician or even their favorite YouTuber, you will notice who their influencers are.  The reason kids dress up as their favorite icons, however, is because they are people they look up to and strive to emulate.

Great teachers ‘dress up’ as icons every single day.  They become some of the greatest influencers that their students will ever meet.  When a person is an icon, they are literally regarded as a representative symbol of something.  A great teacher is a symbol of hope, love, trust, discipline and compassion.  The difference between the ‘icons’ our students look up to and the ‘icons’ we become as their teachers comes down to relationship.  Although they may look up to the famous people they love to talk about, they ultimately shape their character based on how the teachers they love have influenced them.  Use your influence as an icon to lead your students down a path of success.  Be the person they can trust to look up to and the one who is truly worthy of their admiration.

During Halloween season, and all the seasons throughout the year, make an effort to ‘dress up’ as the superhero your students need to save the day, the Disney character that helps them dream and the Icon that they can trust and admire.

 QUESTION: What other ‘Costumes’ do teachers dress up as during the year to influence students?  CLICK HERE to leave a comment!

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