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Three Tips To Inspire The New Teacher Blogger

Sometimes it’s easy to spot the difference between the high energy teacher and the frustrated, burned out one.  Sometimes we as teachers feel we are a bit of both. There are days we know that we have changed the world in the life of a student, and then there are days we feel like there is nothing more we can offer.  If you are like me then you have been at both ends of the spectrum.  How then can we remain refreshed and ready to inspire more often?


Years ago, I was looking for a place to find inspiration.  Being young and energetic I knew I wanted to do everything in my power to get my students excited.

There were days when I felt like giving up  and I often found myself simply going through the motions.  It wasn’t until I found that there were other teachers, just like me, who were providing amazing ideas and looking to inspire others, that I decided it was time to take action. 

How Blogs Changed My Way Of Thinking

Over the years I have found that teachers are willing to pour out their knowledge simply to give inspiration to their students and colleagues.  Being part of this group of outstanding educators was something I thought I could only do while standing on the sidelines.  I did not think that I could make an impact through blogging or any other form of sharing information.

The same doubts kept popping into my head:

  1. Who would care about what I have to say?
  2. Who am I in comparison to some of the other amazing teachers out there?
  3. I am too busy and I cannot consistently come up with new ideas to share. 

After wrestling with these doubts for some time I finally realized that these thoughts were merely a road block that I needed to move past.  So I decided it was time to start sharing and putting myself out there.

I just began by writing.

If this sounds like you and you are a teacher who has amazing ideas and great things to share, here are three tips to help inspire you to either get started on your first blog or continue one you have just begun!

3 Tips To Inspire New Teacher Bloggers

1. Have confidence in YOUR UNIQUE voice: 

I am sure that in classrooms around the world there are amazing teachers who inspire daily, yet do not feel that their voice is important.  Just remember that as a teacher you can change the world. You can inspire a fellow teacher or a student in your class.  You can excite a new teacher or rekindle a fire in a seasoned one.  Your voice is unique and needed in the world of education, so if you want to start a blog… DO IT!  There is no one that brings the exact thing you do to the table.

2. Find your “Why”: 

People are interested in your “why” more than you may realize.  Before you start blogging and sharing the amazing content you have to offer, you want to be very sure of why are you doing what you are doing.  You want to know the purpose and reason behind your blog.   If people resonate with “why” you are doing something, then they will also love what you are doing as well.

Check out this awesome TED Talk by Simon Sinek to understand the importance of your “why.”   I highly recommend watching this full video, it totally changed my thinking.

3. Read other teacher or education blogs to inspire you!: 

I know many of us think “There are so many blogs out there that it is often difficult to stand out.”  I find that visiting and following other teacher or education blogs inspires me.

Your interests and style will drive you to certain blogs.  Below are THREE suggestions I have for you to start.  Many of these teachers have blogs, podcasts, books and more so feel free to explore their websites and find inspiration.

The cool thing though is that they all started somewhere and they all took the steps to simply begin.

Jennifer Gonzalez Blog : Jennifer runs the “Cult of Pedagogy” blog and also hosts the “Cult of Pedagogy” podcast that can be found on itunes. Make sure to tune in and subscribe, she does a great job. She has a wealth of information and resources on her blog that will inspire you and give you some amazing ideas! Some of her resources include teaching materials, e-books, and even cool t-shirts for “The Teacher Nerd”

Cool Cat Teacher Blog : Vicki Davis, aka “The Cool Cat Teacher” runs this blog and gives some amazing resources and advice to teachers every week.  She also hosts the “Every Classroom Matters” podcast on the BAM Radio Network where she interviews great teachers, provides terrific insight, and more!  Make sure to check it out on itunes.   This is another teacher who has wonderful resources and more on her blog.  Go explore.

FreeTechFor Teachers Blog : Richard Byrne does an amazing job hosting this resource blog.  He gives teachers ideas and tools they can use in their classrooms and provides ideas for specific subjects.  He posts pretty much everyday so there is always something new to explore.  Make sure to check it out!

[shareable cite=”Chuck Poole”]Share your unique voice, know your ‘why,’ and find what inspires you.[/shareable]

One Recommendation: Getting inspired and remaining inspired are two very different things.  Sometimes it is overwhelming when you find many blogs or sites you find useful. Staying up to date on the latest information can be tough.

I would recommend getting an RSS reader.  One easy RSS reader would be FEEDLY.  Check it out and sign up, it’s free!

To get started place the three blogs I used as an example into your feed so you can get their updates. Also place into your feed as well and follow us so you can check out our weekly posts.

Question:  What are some additional tips or great blogs out there that you can share with a new teacher blogger?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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