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What is "Google Chrome" and Why Teachers Should Use It

If you’re a teacher and you haven’t been introduced to technology in the classroom, you will be very soon.  Whether it is a device that students bring from home, a school purchased device, or even a computer lab that is to be used often, technology is entering our classrooms quickly.  Many questions arise around this topic and I find that many teachers are worried about the amount of time it will take to “figure it out.”   


Today, I’m going to give you somewhere simple to start, as well as a great option to make your life easier as technology enters your world! 

With all the different choices you will have to make, one decision will have to be which browser you are going to call home.  If you are looking for a simple, yet fast and user friendly browser, than Google Chrome may be the choice for you!

What is Google Chrome?

According to Google, “Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure web browser, built for the modern web.”  Google Chrome, in simple terms, is a web browser developed by Google.  Many platforms are available that compete with Google Chrome such as Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox to name a few.  All of these platforms are great and each one has benefits to using them. Each one provides fast and secure internet surfing and are a pleasure to use.  One thing I realized however, after using each service, is that Google Chrome has some benefits and ease of use that make them a little different, and make life so much easier when online. 

Today we live in an “app-driven” world and Google has capitalized on this very well by incorporating apps and extensions directly into their browser.  By allowing users to simplify the online experience with a click of the mouse, google has provided a simple solution to a problem most people didn’t even realize they had. 

Google Chrome “Extensions” are that simple solution.

 “Before using google chrome extensions I never knew I needed them.  Now that I use them daily, I don’t know what I would do without them! The extensions that google provides are really what set them apart in many ways.  Although other services provide similar advantages, I find that Google has made it quite simple, and simple is what I like!

What are Google Chrome Extensions?

An extension is a small software program that essentially enhances the Chrome browser. Extensions use downloadable components to modify your browser which makes them global (I can use them pretty much anywhere online).  I like the fact that I can use extensions no matter where I may be on the web and they are so simple to use!   To access the “Extensions” you must go to the Google Chrome Store where the majority of apps and extensions are free.  I personally love to use them (as opposed to apps, although the apps are useful as well), because they are simple to access and very useful for my day to day online tasks.  Extensions, once downloaded, are put directly next to the address bar on the top of the browser and are very easy to access at a moments notice.

Ok sounds good, but how do I choose which extensions are best?

One thing to keep in mind when you start downloading extensions is that they are downloadable components.  This means that if you put too many into your browser it could cause your computer to become a bit sluggish. 

When you head over to the Chrome Store you will see an overwhelming amount of Chrome Extensions.  There are so many in fact, that many people become discouraged simply because of the sheer number so they give up altogether! 

This is something I would never want to happen to you, especially if you are interested in trying out some of the best extensions out there!  Remember, the main reason I think google chrome is so great is because of how their extensions make life online so much easier and fun!

I also know that it is not fun if you have to search for hours to find that perfect extension you want to download.  I’ve been there many times and have spent hours looking and testing different extensions to see which ones I like best.  Also, being a teacher, I have tapped into the minds of my students to find out which ones they find to be most useful as well! 

Here is a GREAT PLACE to get started

Due to the overwhelming nature of the Chrome Store itself,  I have created a Quick Webinar to help you start which includes a FREE Ebook called: “20 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions (Chosen by Students)” 

This completely free E-book is a compilation of hours of searching and experimenting with the extensions and will give you explanations, links to where the extensions are in the store,  the purpose for each one, and my personal opinion on why each is great to use for students, teachers and anyone else!

You can simply go through the webinar at any time you choose for free by clicking HERE

Question: What is your favorite Google Chrome Extension?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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