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Which City Best Describes Your Teaching?

Millions of people all over the world travel to cities every year simply to experience the unique wonders they provide.

These cities can offer great insight into our teaching styles if we take a closer look at their characteristics. I’m going to share FOUR unique travel sites that so many visit each year, so that you can take some time today and reflect on which one describes YOUR teaching best.

Which City Best Describes Your Teaching?


PARIS: “The City of Light”

Paris received it’s nickname, “The City of Light,” because of the role it played in education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment. It was a place that allowed people to embrace their sense of wonder and imagination. It was also one of the first European cities to adopt the use of ‘gaslight’ as a source to light the streets. This was revolutionary at the time and showed innovation.  Today, Paris remains true to it’s roots and provides a city filled with wonder to all who visit each and every year.

Paris represents YOU as a teacher if  you find that you do your best to allow students to embrace their creativity and imagination in order to innovate.   You strive to create a space for exploration and learning with a sense of wonder.  You are true to your roots and every student who visits your classroom cannot wait to come back.

‘Paris’ Teaching Tip:

Although spreading wonder and imagination is amazing, make sure to guide your student’s creativity and help them to focus.  Give them the freedom to create and explore, while at the same time, provide for them a goal, so that their creativity has a purpose that helps them feel proud. 

NEW YORK CITY: “The City That Never Sleeps”

New York City received it’s nickname, “The City That Never Sleeps,” because there is constant action, no matter what the time may be.  The subway system runs 24 hours a day all year long, many restaurants are open around the clock, and the streets and public venues are never truly deserted. New Yorkers are dedicated to keeping the city running no matter what. It is truly a city like no other, and is one place that never seems to sleep.

New York City represents YOU as a teacher if  you find that you are extremely dedicated and rarely have time to rest. You prepare constantly in order to make sure your students have the best experience possible.  You often sacrifice sleep in order to create the perfect lesson for students to enjoy.  Your dedication is admirable and you are a true gem!

‘New York City’ Teaching Tip:

Although your dedication is amazing and your intentions are wonderful, you must find time to rest.  You will never truly be able to impact students fully if you become weary and tired.  Take some time each week to rest and rejuvenate.  This way, you can combine your dedication with self reflection, and in the end provide an experience for your students that is unforgettable.

NEW ORLEANS: “The Big Easy”

New Orleans received it’s nickname, “The Big Easy,” in 1970 when a newspaper reporter compared the slower paced life here to the hustle and bustle of NYC.  People who live in New Orleans have a laid back way of life that is gentle, slow and easy-going.  They take pride in their lifestyle and anyone who visits will immediately feel at home and welcome.

New Orleans represents YOU as a teacher if  you find that you are laid back and your students feel welcome and ‘at home’ in your classroom.  You design your space around serenity and choice, and your students most likely sit in comfortable seating rather than traditional rows or desks. Your laid back style provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves without fear, and to take risks without worry.  The atmosphere allows for them to learn at a their own pace and to find success often.

‘New Orleans’ Teaching Tip:

Being laid back may comes across, at times,  as careless to your students.  Make sure to define clear ground rules and expectations early in order for students to thrive in your class. They will take risks and challenge themselves without fear if they are shown that structure, routines, and follow through are just as important as exploration and creativity.

MUMBAI: “The City of Dreams”

There is no particular event that has given Mumbai the nickname, “The City of Dreams.”  It has been named this, however, because it is a place of limitless possibilities. It is one of the only places in India where what matters most is who you are and what you stand for, instead of what family you come from. This is a city that brings people who aspire to have their dreams fulfilled

Mumbai represents YOU as a teacher if  you are a dreamer.  You provide an atmosphere where students have limitless possibilities to accomplish whatever they may be passionate about.  You teach your students that it doesn’t matter where they came from, or what their background may be, if they work hard they can be anything they put their mind to.  Students in your class understand that dreams can become a reality when a plan is set into action.

‘Mumbai’ Teaching Tip:

Being the teacher who gives students a chance to dream is a big responsibility. Make sure that you prepare them for failure just as much as you encourage them to succeed.  Do not give them false hope, but rather be the guide they will so desperately need when times get tough. It is your job to teach them that the path that leads to success will be riddled with failure, yet is it through failure that we learn what it takes to succeed.

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QUESTION: Which ‘Teaching City’ represents YOU the best?  What are some other ‘Teaching Cities’ that could describe the many different teachers making a difference every day? Leave a comment by CLICKING HERE.

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