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021: BONUS EPISODE: Nutrition Tips For Busy Teachers

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 21 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast.  In this episode I have Caryn O’Sullivan, an amazing health coach, nutrition expert, and the founder of to share with you some great nutrition tips and tricks for busy teachers.


The goal for today’s podcast is to talk about how to be a healthier YOU, because being a teacher requires more than just focusing on what we do in the classroom but also focusing on US as a whole. Check out the links below to for even more tips and tricks from Caryn!

 Make sure to download the FREE PDF recipes and tips below!


CLICK HERE to Download the “Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes” PDF + TWO BONUS PDF’s from Caryn as well!

Links from the show today:

Caryn’s Website:

Caryn’s Blog for recipes and more: Click Here

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Caryn’s Ebooks: Click Here

A Quick Granola Recipe from Caryn: Click Here

Caryn’s Power Ball Recipe: Click Here

Want to work with Caryn? Click Here



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