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040: After the Last Bell: 4 Steps Teachers Forget to Take

Welcome to Episode 40 of the Teachonomy Talks podcast. In this episode, I talk about 4 steps that teachers often forget to take after the last bell rings.  These steps are so crucial to include while you plan if you want to enjoy your well deserved summer break even more!

Teachers are planners.  Whether you teach in the classroom full time or you lead others in their educational careers, the fact is that in order to be successful and impactful in this profession, or even in life, you must have a plan.

Once the last bell rings, we often become filled with emotions and excitement.  Many times we already begin laying out our plans for the summer or we begin to anticipate the great things we plan to accomplish.  This is natural, and really is a great thing to do, but don’t forget to take these simple four simple steps as well.

STEP ONE: Just breathe and take a moment to relax, reflect, and rest

STEP TWO: Plan in “Me Moments” and schedule in a little time for YOU weekly.

STEP THREE: “Snub the Screen’ and set aside 30 mins to an hour to disconnect your devices and reconnect to what matters most

STEP FOUR: Make a difference and be intentional to help someone else’s day shine a little brighter each week.

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