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Hi, I'm Chuck

I have been teaching for over 20 years and  I believe teachers can change the world.  I understand that there are times when we feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  I don’t have all the answers and I won’t pretend that I am a master motivator or the ultimate inspiration for kids.  I will say though that I believe in teachers and I believe that the impact we have on a daily basis can be remarkable.  My vision is to create a community for teachers where they can be inspired and empowered to do amazing things everyday!



1. I’ve been to Harry Potter World more times that I care to admit and believe it may just be the best place on Earth!

2. I’ve drilled a clean water well in Nicaragua to bring drinking water to a village for the first time.

3. I’ve played in 3 national soccer championships and was a multi-sport All American in college.

4. I’ve never even sipped or tasted coffee.

5. I don’t eat cheese or seafood (yet I will have a slice of pizza now and then).

6. I’m married to my best friend, who also happens to be a physician and an amazing singer!

7. I’m deathly afraid of heights.

8. I’m the oldest of three and have two sisters who are also teachers.

9. I think “Butter Beer” (from Harry Potter World) is the best beverage in the world.

10. I’ve been a portrait and fine art  photographer for over 15 years.

11. I’ve been a paperboy, lifeguard, camp counselor, DJ , waiter, and retail clerk before I was a teacher.

12. I’ve been a coach for over 20 years in the sports of soccer, basketball and softball.

13. I love to travel and have a goal to visit every continent at least once.

14.  I got a chance to “fish” with one of the “Deadliest Catch” crews in Alaska

15. I teach in the Middle School and absolutely LOVE it!



A few things I do to engage with teachers around the world

1. I wrote a book designed specifically to inspire teachers to nourish the relationships we have with our students, our colleagues, our content, and ourselves. It is packed with specific strategies to help you along the way. Check it out HERE today!

2.  I run the Teacher Success Summit which is one of the LARGEST virtual conferences for teachers in the world. Literally, hundreds of presenters show up each year to help teachers succeed.  Check out the series and the authors HERE!

3. I run and host the Teacher Success School where our community of Teachers from around the world learn together from hundreds of sessions and topics. 

4. I write articles and create motivational videos here on Teachonomy and in the Teacher Success School each week to share innovative ideas and connect with teachers around the globe.

5.tweet just about every day.  I want to make sure that teachers and anyone interested in education can benefit.  I share articles and ideas from my daily reading that will hopefully engage and help my fellow teachers.

6. I write a weekly newsletter for teachers.  I like to share tools I have been using in my classroom, ideas that have been shared with me, and much more!

7. I host a Private Facebook Group for teachers to collaborate and share ideas daily.



I am honored to be on this journey with so many amazing educators.  We are influencing the future of the world each and every day and my desire is to help empower, encourage, and equip in any way I can!

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