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A Word For Teachers: APERTURE


Pronounced: [APP-er-cher]



  1. An opening or hole
  2. In photography, the opening in a lens that admits light into a camera


A Simple Reflection on the Word

Aperture can be used to describe any type of opening, but it is most recognizable in relation to photography. With the advancement of digital photography, and the cameras we have in our phones, taking a great picture has become pretty simple. We now have settings that make it easy to produce similar effects to what a skilled photographer would create by manipulating the aperture settings in their camera. There are two very important things to remember, however, when it comes to aperture…


  • Aperture is very similar to the pupil of an eye. The wider it gets the more light it lets in. 
  • Properly mastering the use of aperture in photography is an art.


I like to think of the unique skill sets, abilities, and passions that we possess as our own personal apertures. The more we share what we have to offer to others, the more light we let in. Our impact on those around us and the people we care about, as well as their impact on us, can grow immensely when we widen our aperture. The key to it all, though, is to remember that mastering aperture in photography, and in life, is an art. Different situations will call for a different amount of aperture to be applied. Protect yourself and your time. Giving too much, too often can cause your light to burn out completely.

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