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A Word for Teachers: CACHE


Pronounced: [kash]



  1. A secret or inaccessible storage location
  2. Computer memory for storing recently used data


A Simple Reflection on the Word

The computers we use every day have a memory cache. It is in this cache that recently viewed websites and temporary files are stored with the goal to help speed up the user experience while surfing the internet. It is not intended, however, for long term memory storage. In fact, the first thing tech experts will tell you to do when issues arise is to “clear the cache.” They do this because over time the cache can sometimes become confused and cause websites to work incorrectly. Clearing it simply empties the stored files and lets the user begin anew.  

In our lives, we can sometimes find ourselves with a “memory cache” of our own that is filled with temporary files in need of clearing. These “files” may consist of times we were hurt by someone close to us, or possibly frustrating issues that have arisen in either our home lives or our work lives. Regardless of what may be filling your personal memory cache, there is something important to remember… 

Cache “files” are temporary, and dealing with them head on is crucial so that you can clear your cache and move forward to start anew. 

If you are currently harboring animosity, holding a grudge, or struggling with frustrating circumstances, I want to encourage you to take the steps needed to clear your cache. Face the situation before it becomes too cluttered to untangle. Doing this will help make room for redemption and help you begin once again.

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