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A Word for Teachers: DERACINATE


Pronounced: [dē-rasə-nāt]


  1. To uproot
  2. To take something out of its native environment

A Simple Reflection on the Word

In order for a garden to flourish and reach its full potential, a gardener must deracinate the weeds that are spread throughout the landscape. If the roots of the weeds interfere with the intended plants, the garden will never fully offer the fruit it is capable of producing. Some weeds bring color and apparent fullness to a garden, while others simply blend into the scenery. Regardless of how they may present themselves, weeds have a simple goal: slowly infiltrate the garden with the intention of taking over and stunting it’s growth.

A wise gardener looks beyond the surface in order to deracinate the bad roots before they take hold. By removing the weeds, the garden will flourish and produce the fruit it was intended to bear. There is a powerful lesson to be learned here…

To reach our full potential, we must be able to identify the weeds that surround us and be willing to remove them before they overtake our desire to grow.

We can all fall prey to “weeds” that try to infiltrate our lives with the intention of lessening our impact or stunting our growth. Sometimes they may come in the form of daily distractions that waste our time (like social media, gossip, binge watching television etc.). Other times, they may be past mistakes that we refuse to let go, or certain people with whom we surround ourselves. 

Invest in your own personal growth and deracinate what you must. Think about who and what you surround yourself with on a daily basis, and be intentional with your time. 

Sometimes, uprooting what holds us back may be the only way to find breakthrough and grow.


Word Goal for Today

Take inventory of who and what you surround yourself with daily. Begin to think about what you need to deracinate in order to grow and move forward toward your full potential. 


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