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A Word for Teachers: FOGBOW


Pronounced: [FAWG-boh]



  1. A rainbow made of fog droplets; a white rainbow
  2. An arc or circle of white or yellow seen against the fog


A Simple Reflection on the Word

A fogbow is mainly seen when the sun is breaking through the fog. Sailors often see them as they form over the ocean when they are out to sea. It usually forms when the sun is behind you and the fog is in front of you. I believe this fact can teach us a powerful lesson during times when we feel as though we are navigating through a fog…

In order to find a fogbow, you must first turn and face your shadow.

I like to think of a fogbow as a gentle reminder that although the fog may be in front of us, and we feel like no end is in sight, beauty can still be seen. We just have to be willing to face our shadow and look a little bit further into the mist.

If you are trying to navigate through something currently, I want to encourage you to find your fogbow and continue to move forward with confidence through the mist. The fog will lift and clear skies will come again.


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