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A Word for Teachers: LAMBENT


Pronounced: [ˈlam-bənt]



  1. Glowing softly
  2. Gently glimmering

A Simple Reflection on the Word

A soothing campfire, a flickering candle, or a soft ambient bulb are all examples of lambent light. Although it may be gentle and soothing, lambent light actually travels at exactly the same speed as a bright, hot spotlight — about 300,000 kilometers per second. There is a powerful lesson to be learned in this simple truth:

Just because something is calm and gentle doesn’t mean it’s impact isn’t powerful. 

Every one of us is different, and the unique personalities we have are a gift we can share with the world. Some people may shine bright when they enter a room, while others will display more of a lambent light as they settle in, but both can have an equal impact on those they encounter. If you are someone who gently glimmers, I want to encourage you to embrace your light. Never underestimate the power of your influence and the impact your personal style can bring to others. Just as lambent light travels at the same speed as a bright, hot spotlight, a soothing word or soft individual approach can be just as powerful as a motivational speech given on a stage.

Sometimes the most significant impact on a person can come in the form of a gentle whisper. Never be afraid to embrace the light you have within you.

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