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thoughts 27 (8)

Word of the Week: PROPINQUITY


Pronounced: [pro-pin-kwə-tee]



  1. Close kinship
  2. Physical nearness


A Simple Reflection on the Word


The most powerful influences in our lives usually come from within the relationships we form. The “Propinquity Effect” is a concept that claims we are most likely to develop affection for someone, and form friendships or romantic relationships with them, simply because we are exposed to that person often. Studies in this area have shown that the more you encounter someone, the better chance you have at viewing them in a positive light. Being consistently negative or abrasive during your encounters, however, has been proven to invalidate the “Propinquity Effect,” eliminating the chance of a bond. There is a powerful lesson to be learned here…  


The more intentional we are to share positive experiences and interactions with those around us, the more likely we will be able to make a lasting impact on their lives.


We live in a world that is more connected than ever. Yet sometimes it feels like we are severely detached from the world around us. We can fall victim to chasing “likes,” “shares,” and “comments,” or mindlessly distract ourselves for hours, only to miss the opportunities for deeper connections that surround us every day. True propinquity can only occur when we make time to be in close proximity to one another (physically or psychologically), embrace the similarities we have, and be present while offering something positive to others. Never allow the mindless diversions of your day to outweigh the importance of investing in others.


When we are willing to destroy the distractions that consume our time, we can begin to build meaningful connections that last.


Word Goal for Today

Think about how “The Propinquity Effect” has impacted your life. Find someone who you encounter on a daily basis that brings you joy. Do something kind for them today without any expectations in return.

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