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The Soap Mentality

I wash my face almost every morning.

My entire life I have used a single bar of soap any time I washed my face. I never saw anything wrong with it because I never knew anything different.

Recently, my wife introduced me to something revolutionary to my world… a skin care regimen. She asked me to try it for three months and if it didn’t make a difference than I could go back to my trusty bar of soap. Her regimen for me consisted of three simple tools. 

A facial cleanser. A serum. A moisturizer.

Go Beyond the Surface 

In the three months that I have been using this combination, my skin is healthier, it feels rejuvenated, and people have begun to notice. I never realized what a difference these tools would make or how, unlike my soap, they would cleanse more than just the surface areas of my face.

The way we treat our students can be very similar to soap.

If we adopt a “one size fits all” approach and teach students the same, regardless of their needs, we treat them like my bar of soap. We try to fit recycled lessons into the minds of unique individuals, and then wonder why they don’t ‘buy in.’ Using this approach may be able to reach some surface areas, but it will never impact the deeper levels that can transform lives. 

When we view them as individuals, however, with strengths and values of their own, and we do the daily little things to show them they are cared for, we offer them a skin care regimen. We approach them with varying tools that meet them where they are and show them that they are valuable and unique. 

Get Rid of the Soap Mentality!

Today, I want to encourage you to get rid of the bar of soap mentality we can often fall into, and adopt a ‘skin care regimen’ that is designed specifically for the students we teach. Offer them the opportunity to tackle the trouble spots that they personally face, rather than simply the surface areas. 

The more we treat them as individuals and provide them with the tools they need to grow, the healthier, more vibrant, and rejuvenated our impact will become. 

In what ways do you teach to each individual student you lead?


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