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The Teacher Wall

We have all hit it, stared at it, or felt like it was impenetrable. It shows up during moments when, no matter what we do, things seem to be at a stand still. It attempts to block our passion by making us believe that even though we do our best to care for our students, personalize our lessons, and exude energetic enthusiasm, nothing seems to makes a difference. No matter how much we try, no matter what we do, it stands in front of us with blank stares, unchanged behavior, or even snide remarks from the very students we thought we’d impacted. When we feel this way, this is when we know we have hit the ‘teachers wall’ and we need to break through.

They Are Always Watching

It is during these moments that we must remember three simple things and realize that regardless of how big the wall may seem, these three things remain constant. 

They are listening. 

They are watching. 

They care. 

Despite what our students may demonstrate on the outside, each day that we invest in them is a day that makes a difference in their lives. The toughest thing about hitting the wall, however, can often be the lack of immediate feedback. We may not see the power of our impact or depth of our influence right away, but it is there. The students you have in front of you every day hear you, see you, and believe you. If you tell them they matter, show them you care, and teach them that they are brilliant, they will begin to believe it as well, and the wall that once seemed impossible to overcome will slowly begin to break down.

YOU Are Crucial

Today, I want to encourage you to keep pushing through, keep trying new things, and keep spreading your light. As frustrating as the wall may be, you were made to conquer it. Provide the knowledge they need to hear, the example they are seeking to follow, and the rock that they can count on when times get tough. Focus on the larger impact you are making, rather than the momentary obstacle trying to slow you down, and you will be able to break through your ‘teaching wall’ one brick at a time. 

How will you overcome your wall today?


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